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Kerala Social Service Forum ‘sevana’ Award to Santhimadom Radhakrishnan
This year’s Kerala Social Service Forum ‘sevana’ honor has been awarded to Sri Santhimadom Radhakrishnan. Other prominent personalities who have been eligible for this award earlier include Kochouseph, owner of JOOM group and Jose Maveli, President, Jana Seva Sisubhavan.

The honor sodbrennen tabletten - has been awarded to Sri Santhimadom Radhakrishnan based on his services in the field of ayurvedic herb cultivation and his valuable efforts made to promote the same. Sri. Radhakrishnan has earlier introduced a medicated softdrink named Santhimadom Dahasamini and the product gained popularity. The shortage of medicinal herbs to make this drink inspired him to venture in to the present projects.
Since early 90s Santhimadom is guiding and promoting herbal farming in Kerala and Tamilnadu by venturing in to planting more than 10 lakh medicinal plants, 5 lakh teaks, 3 lakh fruit bearing trees, more than 15 lakh jasmine plants etc…

Apart from herbal farming, Sri Radhakrishnan is also concentrating on developing bio fertilizer & pesticide units, biogas plants, animal husbandry units etc. He is having a noble vision to mold out an eco friendly generation, by protecting our greenery and thus exploring the unlimited opportunities in the field of farm tourism in Kerala.

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