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(Origin -Florida, USA)

A Magic Cure for Diabetes as never before with proven effects.

Santhimadom Agro Farm has secured these plants from the U.S.A and they are being multiplied using stem cuttings.

Dosage for diabetes patients

1. The patient has to take two leaves per day in the morning and evening and in the evenings for one week. The leaves must be chewed well before swallowing.

2. After one week the patient should take one leaf each in the morning and evening.

3. This dosage should be continued for 30 days.

This medicine is being increasingly prescribed by doctors. In 90 % of the cases diabetes has been found to be curable using this medicine. Just try it for yourself.


The following natural treatment along with proper care would have concomitant effects in the control of the wide spread disease of Diabetes.

Along with chewing, handgelenkbandage - apotheke Onfy and swallowing of the leaf of the insulin plant both in the mornings and evenings, take Santhimadom Diabetic Concoction (Prameha Shamini),which is prepared in correct proportions, with the following ingredients Karingali,
Pathimukam,Ekanaiyakam,Njaval,Koval,Thrivhala, Kuvalam,Venga,Uluva,Cherula,Thazhuthama,THOTTAVADI(Touch Me Not) etc.

There are 21 type of diabetes, which get relief with the use of Santhimadom diabetic concoction. Take half teaspoon full of this concoction in 2 litres of water and boil and the medicated water is ready which can be taken along with your food or to quench thirst as and when required. It has no side effects. Try this and you will feel the relief, the great relief indeed.
Drinking and smoking is prohibited during this period when you are on the treatment, sweets or chips or things fried in oil should be avoided and beware of constipation.
Diet should invariably contain leaves, Kovaka, Nellikka, Cheera etc .
Pindi (banana stem) of plantain grown using only natural manure may be used. Pindi, deseedol nellikka along with turmeric powder (a pinch) can be grated in a mixie and this is found very effective. Exercises such as jogging are found to be good.

Diabetes is the result of tension. Unscientific dietic irregularities and lack of exercises are the root cause, which leads men to diabetes. Santhimadom does not treat diabetes, but provides conditions conclusive to immunity, which existed in the good old days.

We have to return to nature, eat when you actually have the appetite for. Discard the fast food culture where taste and delicacy is the code word. Man is the only creature on earth, which eats even, when he does not need to eat. ‘ A sound mind in a sound body ‘, make the body sound, all the rest will follow.

Insulin plants, Santhimadom Diabetic Concoction powder in separate tin for 30 days –all together- Rs.351/- only

SANTHIMADOM AGRO FARM Trust- A Centre of Hope and Relief to diabetics.

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