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Common Name   Black cutch
Malayalam Name   Karingali
Botanical Name   Acacia Catechu
Family   Mimosaceae

Certain specialties of karingali :

Quenches severe thirst, good for diabetic patients, stem is used for brushing teeth. It gives protection from decay to the gums and teeth. Its juice is good for clearing voice.

Medicinal value: Good for curing Diabetes, sputum, cough, and itching, intestinal worms and for purification of blood. Effective for skin disease, its stem is used for brushing teeth. It gives protection to teeth and gums and it cures dental diseases. For this reason Karingali should be planted in every premise. Taking a bath in warm water medicated with karingali is very effective for diabetic patients. Karingali juice is effective for getting a clear voice.

As it has beautiful flowers it can be planted on site, as an ornamental plant too. Karingali is an essential ingredient of arishtam and kashayam

Medicinal parts: Heartwood, stem, and flower.

How to plant: Can be planted in a pit size 1' x 1' x 1' . This plant grows even in arid soil.No of plants which can be planted in 1 hectare is 625 .It can be cultivated both as major crop and as an intercrop.

Income: It takes ten years to form heartwood. Yield from a single tree is about one tonne of heartwood. One tonne of karingali fetches around Rs.14, 000.

Commercial uses: As Karingali is a tree with thorns it is used for fencing. Essence and oil extracted from karingali have many industrial uses.

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