Shanthimadam Agro Farm

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Common Name
Ceasalpina Sappan
Malayalam Name Pathimukham

Medicinal value: Used for purifying blood.Good for quenching thirst, cures jaundice and cough. Good for respiratory ailments, cures wound. As it has medicinal properties similar to Pterocarpus Santalinus it is used in place of this. Its flower is used as a base in fairness creams. Read more...

Medicinal parts: Bark, heartwood, flower, root.

How to plant: Can be plant in a pit of one square feet. This plant grows even in dry climatic conditions.
No of plants, which can be planted in one hecter is 2500 . It is cultivated both as major crop and intermittent crop.

Nature of the soil: Grows in common soil and in dry climatic conditions. It is used as an ornamental plant as its flower is long lasting and attractive.

Commercial purpose: Colour and flavour extracted from its heartwood is used for commercial purpose. This is exported to foreign countries also. Used as an ingredient in fairness creams. The price per kilogram of Pathimukam is around Rs.400. As it is plant with thorns it is used for fencing around estates, religious institutions, and home

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