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Shanthimadam Agro Farm
Medicinal Herb farming for a steady income
Patimukam and Karingali are two ayurvedic herbs that are of utmost importance in preparing many ayurvedic medicines. Cultivating these crops does not require much care and fertilizer supplements as most other crops. It is also an easy way for generating a steady income.


It is estimated that more than 2 crore people around the world use patimukam daily. This has made it highly profitable, to venture in to the commercial production of this The products, which are exported to many continents, are priced at rupees 250 per kilogram. The seeds used for planting are collected from mother plants over 5 years of age. Special care should be taken to collect saplings / seed from reputed nurseries to obtain best results. It should also be noted that color is an important factor that determines the price of patimukam. Deep red and violet varies earn much more than their light colored counterparts.


Karingali Onfy is yet another important ingredient in ayurvedic medicines. As this is a medicine for many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, blood related ailments etc.. It is a medicinal ingredient having high demand. The tree is also cultivated as a support crop for other cash-earning climbers like pepper. There is also a benefit that when a climber like pepper is allowed to climb on Karingali trees, the climbers themselves seems to be immune to many virus and bacteria prone attacks. Thus the tree in turn acts as a protective sheath to other cash crops in the farm as well.

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