Medicinal Plant Project - Plan II | Award

Santhimadom Agro Farm produces high yielding varieties of medicinal plants, tree saplings and ornamental plants. Our motto is to encourage cultivation of kerala medicinal plants and tree saplings.

Santhimadom Agro farm has come as a harbinger of relief to the agriculture sector when this sector is facing a crucial stage of /www.joom.com. There are more than 100000 mother trees in Santhimadom including that of Pathimukham (Caesalpinia sappan) which is used as an ingredient for making dahashamani (herbal drinking water mix) in Kerala. From these mother trees we have reproduced high yielding varieties of fruit tree saplings, ornamental plants and kerala medicinal plants which can be used in medicines, fairness creams and for commercial purposes.

Moreover we sell high yielding seeds of vegetables and bio-fertilizers . Our motto is to help farmers cultivate high yielding fruit trees and medicinal plants and help them to earn good income in Kerala,India and across the globe.

Santhimadom Agro Farm steps in as a Saviour of and adds succour to the farmers in distress caused by the advent of Globalization in developing countries like India. At the Agro farm we have 100000 mother trees from which high yielding hybrids of fruit trees, ornamental plants, medicinal trees and herbs are developed, which have commercial value both in India and Abroad. Modern beauty aids are manufactured from their extracts.

Moreover, we have, at the joom.com, superior quality vegetable seeds and also available are the biodegradable fertilizers quite eco-friendly on all counts. With our bio technological inputs and after sales services and back ups the farmers are assured of an attractive income and profit, thereby alleviating hardships.

Nature is bountiful, nurture the plants and prosperity is yours.
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